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Community Awareness

Community Awareness and education is a cornerstone of Dawn Center's mission and advocacy. We believe that it is imperative to increase public awareness about the community impact of domestic and sexual violence in our community. It is an epidemic that affects us all considering nationally one in four women and one in seven men will be victimized in his/her lifetime. 


Dawn Center engages in a variety of activities that are aimed at raising awareness, providing community education, and informing the public about the services and resources available to survivors who need help.

Ongoing awareness efforts include special events, outreach to community partners, presentations and training, resource tables, and making awareness materials available to the community. 


Our staff is available for presentations to community groups, business owners, church groups, schools, youth groups, non profits, government offices, civic organizations and many more. To schedule a speaker for your next event please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at 352-592-1288.

Printed materials and digital copies of brochures and awareness materials are available by request. Please contact our Outreach office for details 352-592-1288.

Primary Prevention (Before the violence starts)

The following video uses adult language and has adult content.

    The best way to help victims of tomorrow is to promote healthy relationships today. Dawn Center provides Primary Prevention Education in schools, church groups, library workshops, community engagement activities, other community venues. Our trained staff shares evidence-based programming with the youth, teaching them a variety of concepts and planting the seeds for their future.


Topics include:

Challenging social norms of gender roles

Setting healthy boundaries in relationships

Communicating boundaries to others

Defining healthy relationship characteristics

Defining personal goals and self worth

How to help others in abusive relationships

How to get help if they are in an unhealthy relationship

Defining "consent"

Bystander intervention


This collaborative project with Dawn Center and the Nature Coast Technical School Film Production Program helped to create the 6 PSA's regarding Consent, Bystander Intervention, and The Mask You Live In.

                                                                                       The winner is -Stamp of Approval (Shown Here)


Click here to see all 6 of the videos.

Contact the Prevention Advocate to set up a workshop 352-592-1288


Rape culture teaches us to question and blame the victim. The rapist is the only one with the choice to rape or not rape. US culture teaches the dominate gender to control the submissive gender. Rape is about control. Together we can educate our youth to end Rape Culture.


Is your teen at risk? Ask us how you can educate your teen and help prevent violence.

Social Norms are rigid and harmful

Educating youth on the pressures the media places on social and gender norms helps them break out of the mold and create a place of non violence in our community.

Teen Power and Control Wheel

Teen dating violence is about power and control. This wheel is a teaching tool to allow our youth to recognize what is unhealthy about their relationships. In turn they can learn to make healthy choices in relationships


Consent is a clear yes and willingness to participate by all involved. You cannot consent if you are incapacitated, coursed, threatened, or pressured .

Statistics dont lie

Are you one of the Statistics? We can help.

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